Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stop! Freezer Time!

So today was the beginning of something that will save me some time and just a touch of sanity. I started FREEZER MEALING! What is freezer mealing? Well it's actually freezer meals. I think I just made up freezer mealing but anywho... Freezer meals is when you cook meal(s) that are freezer friendly. I made Beef Enchiladas, Cheesy Fried Chicken, Shepherd's Pie, Pepper Steak, BBQ Chicken & Cornbread.

Tomorrow is day 2 of my freezer meal adventure.

On the freezer menu:
Mexican chicken alfredo
Italian tenders
Spicy sweet potato fries
Chicken crescent bundles
Chocolate chip muffins
Apple crumb muffins 
Mini pancakes

Welp, that is all the freezer meal talkin I can do for one day. Until manana!

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