Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Don't use Halloween as an excuse to make yummy dishes today. If you don't "celebrate" Halloween, how about celebrating Fall? I made cake pops, mini pumpkin shaped cakes & caramel apples(first time!!) Yesterday I roasted some pumpkin seeds. Half original(salted) and the other half a sugar/cinnamon mix. Of course the girls loved the sugary ones and hubbz will always chose plain salted. I have made BBQ flavored ones too and let me tell you, I think those were my all-time fave.
 Now lets talk about me FINALLY making caramel apples.. I KNOW! It took me long enough. So I found a recipe on for a caramel sauce. And I had all the ingredients already. I didn't have  white sugar(I know- I gotta go food shopping. blah blah blah) so I used brown sugar instead. The recipe called for non-dairy creamer but I used what we had which was International Delight Irish Cream creamer. My house was smelling like a candy factory when the caramel was cooking.. OK. Maybe I exaggerate a little but it was a sweet smell. I had  5 small apples so I didn't have to make much caramel. My kids are going to be on a sugar high for the next 1 1/2 weeks! Not something to brag about but hey- whatchagunnado? I had a regular sized cake mix box. I was able to make 6 mini pumpkin-shaped cakes and about 30 small/medium cake pops. And maybe half a bag of white chocolate chips frosted all of that too. Not too shabby!  I will post the recipes for all of the things mentioned on this post a little later so come  back lata, ya hear?!

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